Од инкузивни идентитети на едно инкузивно општество:

Преглед на социјален составен идентитет кај младите на Западен Балкан


14. January - Saarbrucken

Saarland university 14 january

Promoting project results at the Saarland university

On Thursday, 14th of January 2016, Ms Maša Pavlović, a PhD student from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, gave an invited talk on “Social identity inclusiveness in the Western Balkans” at the social psychology department at the Saarland University in Saarbrucken, Germany. In her talk, Masha presented the results of the RRPP project "From Inclusive Identities to Inclusive Societies: Exploring Complex Social Identity in the Western Balkans". She talked about the specific social and cultural context of Western Balkans and about the multitude and complexity of social identities of young people living in this area. The new ways of measuring social identities that aim to tap into the complexity of this phenomenon were introduced and discussed. The lecture was well attended and it inspired a number of interesting comments and questions with regard to this topic and the results of the SIBY project.

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Проектот е поддржан во рамките на Програмата за промоција на регионалните студии во Западен Балкан (RRPP) кој се менаџира од Универзитетот на Фрибутрг, под покровителство на Швајцарската агенција за развој и соработка (SDC), Федералниот оддел за надворешни работи  

Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans