From Inclusive Identities to Inclusive Societies:

Exploring Complex Social Identity in the Western Balkans

Research Team

The research consortium consists of prominent scholars and researchers from Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and BIH specialized in social and developmental psychology, sociology, political science, research methodology, statistical analysis and modeling. Consortium includes Faculty of Philosophy (Belgrade) as a lead institution, and two other higher education institutions, as partners, Sarajevo School for Science and Technology (Sarajevo) and Faculty of Philosophy (Banja Luka). Independent researchers are engaged in Kosovo and Macedonia teams. The consortium was set up for the purpose of this research upon the initiative of Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade.

SIBY tim Felicia Pratto

Felicia Pratto


CV Felicia Pratto

  SIBY tim Nebojša Petrović

Nebojša Petrović

project manager

CV Nebojša Petrović

SIBY tim Iris Žeželj

Iris Žeželj

project manager

CV Iris Žeželj




Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

SIBY tim Marko Vladisavljevic

Marko Vladisavljević


CV Marko Vladisavljević

  SIBY tim Marija Brankovic

Marija Branković


CV Marija Branković

SIBY tim Masa Pavlovic

Maša Pavlović


CV Maša Pavlović

  SIBY tim Olja Jovanovic

Olja Jovanović


CV Olja Jovanović



SIBY tim Ana Fritzhand    

Ana Fritzhand

local project leader

CV Ana Fritzhand

  SIBY tim Biljana Blazevska-Stoilkovska

Biljana Blazevska - Stoilkovska


CV Biljana Blazevska - Stoilkovska

SIBY tim Ali Pajaziti

Ali Pajaziti


CV Ali Pajaziti

  SIBY tim Agron Rustemi

Agron Rustemi


CV Agron Rustemi

SIBY tim Admir Qose

Admir Qose


CV Admir Qose





Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Banja Luka
SIBY tim Vladimir Turjacanin

Vladimir Turjačanin

local project leader

CV Vladimir Turjačanin

  SIBY tim Srdjan Dusanic

Srđan Dušanić


CV Srđan Dušanić

SIBY tim Irena Teofilovic

Irena Teofilović

junior researcher

CV Irena Teofilovic

   SIBY tim Sinisa Lakic

Siniša Lakić


CV Siniša Lakić



Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

SIBY tim Sabina Čehajić-Clansy

Sabina Čehajić-Clansy

local project leader

CV Sabina Čehajić-Clansy

  SIBY Maja Pulić

Maja Pulić

junior researcher

CV Maja Pulić



SIBY tim Edona Maloku-Berdyna

Edona Maloku-Berdyna

local project leader

CV Edona Maloku - Berdyna

  SIBY tim Kaltrina Kelmendi

Kaltrina Kelmendi


CV Kaltrina Kelmendi



Project is supported within the framework of the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP), which is run by the University of Fribourg upon a mandate of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans